Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pictures from the Marathon.

Marathon photos:

Just in front of the Capitol building, around mile twelve or so.

Bundled up before the marathon...

FINISHED!! Wahoo!! Check out the medals, they're HUGE.

Katie and Sharon just before the race...

Hope you enjoyed!

Where to start?

One week post marathon...

So. Obviously, I ran the marathon. On my main blog, I have a super long montage with pictures and commentary from the race.

I actually have a little video from the race that I'll try to throw on this blog in a few minutes, too. The video is from one of the best parts of the marathon, mile 19. At this point in the video I was approaching the bridge, which is known as one of the most difficult parts of MCM. I have found that part to be pretty spectacular, actually. So, be watching for the video this evening....

I haven't run one step this week, other than chasing the ole' two year old. My toes are feeling better, but are bruised badly under the nail. It looks like I'm going to lose at least two nails, possibly three. At some point, I'm going to head down to a local running store and chat with the owner about a new pair of kicks. It's time to switch from the Brooks Adrenaline, I'm afraid. Or, it might just be that I need to move up a half size.

My legs feel great. And, I feel fantastic, overall. I've gotten a lot of much needed rest this week, which has made me feel like a new woman. It will be interesting to see how my first post marathon run goes this week. I'm wondering if I'll feel winded or if my toes will begin to ache or if my muscles will hurt or maybe I'll feel incredibly well rested...Time will tell.

This morning was the first morning that I can remember in months that I have gotten up with the sun out. Seriously. For the past four months, even days I didn't run, I got up around 5 or 5:30. So, sleeping in this morning was a real treat.

The great thing about no longer training for the marathon is the freedom from following a schedule! I'm trying to plan a few running "dates" for this week and next weekend. Surprisingly, the running schedule interfered with these dates because of the mileage that I needed to get (or maintain) for the week.

Running dates and sleeping aside, I still can't wait to run another marathon. I'm thinking San Antonio would be fun OR Disney....There's no doubt about it...marathoning is addicting!

Enjoy the video...