Thursday, October 25, 2007

News Flash to Kate:

Please note. You have not run the marathon, yet. Therefore, you are waranted to take off for a week before the marathon. That's not how you taper. You actually do RUN during the taper. : )

It's been a tough week, haven't done much running at all.

I'm going to run 3 or 4 tomorrow. And, then a short one on Saturday before I head out for the race with the girls!

The countdown is on, and I feel ready. I suppose...

I do have questions running rampant through my head...things like what do I wear? Should I bring my belt? Where can I meet up with Diane and Tom before the race? What should I buy at the expo?

Just thinking about the finish and the moments after the marathon makes my heart pitter-patter. I can't wait. : )

Sunday, October 21, 2007

This time next week:

my running buddies and I will all be FINISHED with the marathon!!

That's a comforting thought; the nerves will have settled, soreness will fill our bodies, and our souls will be filled with the elation that ensues from running 26.2 miles. I just can't wait. I'm crazy, I know.

This morning I headed out the front door around 7:45 or so, which is much later than usual for me. As I ran past a big clock in town, the time read 8:08 and I thought to myself this is exactly what I'm going to be doing at this time next week: running!

The run this morning was glorious. The air was quite crisp, I actually wanted to turn back around and head home I was so chilled at the start. I kept on, though, and eventually warmed up. After running for about twenty-five minutes or so, I noticed a beautiful hot air balloon landing about a half of a mile away from me. It was a beautiful sight; the crisp autumn air accompanied with a blue sky and the glorious colors of a hot air balloon.

As always, I'm so thankful that I have been a healthy body to run all of these miles and witness such beautiful sights on each run. It's really quite a gift.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Seven Days to Go!

Oh boy. One week til marathon day!

I'm kind of throwing up in my mouth, if you will. It's just really hard to believe race day is just a week away.

Today I completed my last long run with some running friends. We ran about eight miles at a relaxed and easy pace. The weather was perfect, it was nice and cool.

Physically, I'm feeling great. No aches or pains, but I was pretty tired this afternoon. Tomorrow morning I'm planning on running four or so because I skipped a four miler this week. The rest of the week will be very do-able. Total, I will run about seven miles before race day. Not bad!

Like I've said before, the taper is the fun part. It does mess with your brain, however. This week, I caught myself I really ready for a MARATHON? I've hardly been running, but I think I felt like that because the miles have been dramatically shorter.

Stay tuned, as there will be musings about the impending race throughout the week. Maybe I'll throw in a weather report for next Sunday, too. If you're lucky. ; )

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I've got a sore throat today.


Must be catching Michael's cold. At least this is an easy week and I'm getting a cold well before the marathon.

No big deal, but I don't feel so good tonight.


Monday, October 15, 2007

Piece of Cake

Tomorrow is a quick four miles with a friend here in town. It'll be over before I know it....

I'm starting to obsess over the weather for race day, which is annoying because weather is totally out of my control. I would just like to "know" what to expect on race day. It's been pretty warm here and we haven't had rain in ages. So, I'm predicting lots of rain, temps in the 40s, and wind that you would not believe.

Just kidding.

No matter what type of weather we have on race day, I'm going to be so grateful that God has given me a healthy body, and the strength and determination to run 26.2 miles!

It's really quite amazing, if you think about it...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Two Weeks Til Race Day!

The time has come....

It's time to TAPER! ( I LOVE this part of marathon training---this is what I train for!!)

Wahoo!! A few short runs this week, a easy run next weekend, and next to nothing the following week!! YEEESSS.

The girls and I have been making our plans for the hotel, the expo, the pre-game meal, our race day outfits; it's just too much!!

Stay tuned for updates throughout the week.

(Oh, my's fine for right now. : ) )

Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Right Foot.


My right foot hurts. It has hurt for about a week now, actually closer to a week and a half. I'm starting to get concerned, actually.

Initially, I chalked it up to wearing this ridiculous, unsupportive pair of heels. That doesn't seem to be the problem, though. The pain has moved from the top of my foot down to the bottom.

I am going to take things easy for the next few days. I'll still run, of course, just not at a record breaking speed.

Speaking of record breaking speeds--(I kid, really)--I ran the 10 miler in an 1 hour, 21 min, and 49 seconds. That's fine, not fabulous, but fine. I've included a few pics from race day.

This weekend will mark the next to last pre-marathon-long run. It's hard to keep straight, I know...Basically, the marathon is just around the corner.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Ten Miles....

Tomorrow is a ten mile race for me. I'd like to get in around an hour and twenty minutes. We'll see. Don't know how I did in this race last year, maybe I'll look it up before bed.

I'll report back soon with a race report.

(The photo is from last year. I ran a 1:21 last year...)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Thank Goodness...

....for running dates!

Last night was a late one and I had to get up super early (4:30 am) to meet Diane.

The wake up time was ridiculous, I know. However, if we didn't have our little date planned, I never would have been able to drag myself out of the bed this morning for a solo run.

My running friends and I always talk about how grateful we are for one another. There are many times when we plan to meet at ghastly hours of the morning, without batting an eyelash.

This week I need to get in a five miler, and an eight miler before the end of the week.

My legs are still really sore from the 20 miler. It's kind of an out of body experience when my legs are this sore. It's like I'm walking on stilts or something! Sounds fun, right?