Sunday, December 30, 2007

So Much Promise.

Running has been wonderful lately. Even though I am no longer training for a marathon, I am still running on a consistent basis.

And, my motivation for this glorious consistency is my wonderful, and new running friend! She lives just around the corner and is a motivated, ball of energy. She's awesome! Unfortunately, due to Josh traveling a teensy bit a few weeks ago, the holidays, and Michael's little illness; we haven't been able to run together on a consistent basis over the past month. However, I love knowing that she's here and that I don't have to run by myself so early in the morning anymore!

And, if my running partner happens to get sick or if one of her children are sick; I've a got a backup plan now!!!!! What is this plan, you ask??? A treadmill. Ah... That's right, a rat-mobile, planted warmly in our basement! This was a Christmas gift that made my heart sing with glee. I doubt that I will have the self discipline to really train long miles on the treadmill. However, it's going to be wonderful to have a morning back-up plan when the weather is bad or if I don't have a running buddy to meet.

So, this half marathon that I'm planning on running this winter??? I should be totally READY. No excuses this year. Last year I was full of em'!! I couldn't be happier or more thankful for my new friend or for the new rat-mobile.

Life is so good.