Friday, January 30, 2009

Lots of Running

Even though the weather has not been great for running this week, I have managed to get in some miles. Monday and Tuesday I ran with a girlfriend, which was helpful and motivating. Tuesday morning we were able to run in the snow. The snow was really wet, though, almost more like rain than snow. Nevertheless, it was still a great run and it was wonderful to have company on the run, especially I was "snowed in" with the babies for two days straight. (That's enough to make you go crazy, or want to run really, really FAR.) : )

Wednesday I took the day off, we all slept in really late and since I woke with the kiddos the treadmill was not an option. Thursday and Friday were treadmill days. It was great to have a change in pace, and to run in the warmth of our basement. The treadmill is so incredibly helpful when I need (or, want) to fit in a quick run. When we first bought it I really didn't enjoy running on it, but now that we have two children? I LOVE it! The past two days I have caught up on Golden Girl re-runs and the news. When the news gets too depressing, I flip over to the Golden Girls! I'm really not sure what I going to do with myself when I go back to work next year. It's rather nice being able to run at 8:00 in the morning, rather than 5 or 5:30 everyday.

Tomorrow will be a long run, hopefully nine miles, or so...Long run days are so much fun...once the run is over, of course!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Long Run for the week!

Today I ran about nine miles with the girls. I felt great and enjoyed every minute. My legs started to stiffen a bit towards the end, but I think a lot of that was due to the temperature drop. I'm not too concerned about getting up to 13 before the half marathon, though it would be great to get in at least ten for the next couple of weekends. Tomorrow I'd like to get out for a slow, short run... We'll see how tired I am tomorrow morning. It's less than a MONTH before the half marathon, now! Wahoo!! : ) (I guess?)

Friday, January 23, 2009

A slow week.

This has not been the best running week, I've been a bit lazy.  Tuesday the weather was bad and I knew that I was going to run Wednesday, so I just took the day off.  Wednesday morning quickly came around and neither boy slept well on Tuesday night, which meant that I only got a couple of hours of sleep.  Instead of making it to the running party, I slept in, which made me feel really guilty.  Yesterday, though, I did manage to get in three miles on the treadmill.  The pace was about ten minutes  per mile, which felt really good.  I wasn't tired at all from the run, it was refreshing to feel so good. 

Today I got back on track with running outside and met a running friend.  We did about 4.5 miles, which was great.  I'm hoping to run both Saturday and Sunday, we'll see if I'm able to fit a run in both days.  Tax season is cramping my style!  I've GOT to get up if I want to run in the mornings on the weekend.  It's worth the loss of sleep, though...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dragging myself out of bed...

I went to bed really late last night, so I wasn't sure how today's run would go.  All through the night I kept thinking about how I didn't want to get out of bed at five.  Thanks to my running buddy, though, I got myself up and out the door early this morning.  We started out with the intention of just doing two miles and calling it a day.  It turns out that we snuck in four miles, and I felt completely refreshed.  It was a great run, warm!, but great.  I'm so thankful for these running friends,  I think I'd still be in bed with the covers over my head if it were not for them.  

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday's Long Run...

This morning I managed to get in about nine miles, or so. Not bad! Thankfully, the weather was a tad bit warmer and the pace was slower. Next week I'd like to get ten in for the long run since the half marathon is just about a month away. The girls and I talked a lot about the inauguration (wahoo!) and the concert that is on the mall today. Nothing like good conversation to get through the long miles. Tomorrow's run will be a short one, three or four.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Makin me stronger...

As crazy as it sounds, this morning's run was fantastic!  FREEZING cold (literally and then some...), but fantastic.  I ran with a big group this morning; there were seven of us who bundled up and braved the elements!  Three of whom, I haven't run with in at least a year!  It was great to catch up with more friends this morning.  As always, I was on a total high the rest of the day and didn't mind being stuck inside all day.  I'd like to run tomorrow as well, but I don't think any of my buddies are running.  We'll see how motivated I am in the morning, supposedly it is supposed to be a degree or two colder than this morning.  Brrrr!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Snowy Streets!

This morning I woke up to snowy streets!  Yay!  I love to run in the snow, everything seems so quiet and magical.  My running partner and I got in about 4.5 miles, and for the first time in awhile, I felt strong.  Yesterday I snuck in a treadmill run, while N napped.  He woke from the nap early and got to watch me run for about 12 minutes, or so.  The last four minutes he spent crying!  I felt guilty for running while he was crying, so I bumped up the speed a good bit.  I started off at a 7.0 and then went up to 8.6-- not bad!  I am so thankful for this treadmill, it makes me a better mom and wife.  : ) Tomorrow I plan to run outside, even though the forecasters are calling for an "arctic blast"!  

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Resolution for 2009...

I'm going to try to keep a log of my running on here... I used to do this pre-kids, keep a log of my runs, but I seem to have lost the motivation somewhere along the line.  Maybe this will keep me motivated for these half marathons that I have registered for.  The first one is only six weeks away and my longest run is only 8.5 miles!  Yikes!  I need to get some more miles in sometime soon.  Tomorrow is another one of those fun running birthday parties, unfortunately though it is going to be super, duper COLD!  I am hoping to get in five, or so.  I've taken off the past two days, so I'm ready to get out there again.  

Monday, January 5, 2009

Another Goal!

Marine Corp Half Marathon in May!  I'm thinking of bagging the half marathon in March for this one.  The thought of pumping before the half, pumping in the car, pumping in the hotel room just doesn't seem appealing to me at this time.  The more I think about the half in March,  I realize how much work and preparation it will involve and I'm just too lazy!  

This morning I had a great run with my neighbor.  She is really helping me get back into shape, which is awesome.  We ran a little over four miles, but it was a fast four miles!  Tomorrow we're going to run in the country, which means lots and lots of hills.  The hills are tough, but I remind myself while I'm struggling that my quads really need the hill workouts right now.  It feels so good to be out running again, it is one of my favorite times of the day.  

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Running Goals for 2009!

1.  Colonial Half in February.  If I just finished this one and had fun while running, I'd be happy.  I'm not concerned at all about my time.

2.  The half in the DC, which is in March.  Again, it'll be a challenge to JUST get there with the baby and tax season.  Just to have a chance to run in a race with the group would be fantastic.

3.  50K in Capon Valley, May.  This probably won't happen, but I'm keeping it in the back of my mind....

4.  Marine Corp Marathon #4!  Maybe, just maybe work towards finishing in under 3 hours and fifty minutes... I'd be soooo happy.  But, I'd need to push myself soooo hard...not sure if I'm up for that challenge just yet.  

I've been back to running for quite some time now.  And, I've even been able to get out with the running girls on the nights that both of the boys sleep.  The extra pounds are slowly melting away, thank goodness!