Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My lungs do not burn.

Even in the coldest of temperatures, my lungs do not burn when I run outside.  I think they used to when I was in middle school or high school?  (I've been running for so many years that I can't remember that time frame, but I remember that awful feeling.)  This morning a good friend and I planned a run with another girlfriend, completely disregarding the wind advisory.

We met around 5:15 to drive to our meeting place.  The wind was whipping the car around the interstate, but we continued on to the running start point.  Due to a myriad of reasons, we were late in meeting our friend.  Of course, this meant that our friend figured that we were not able to make out for a run this morning!  Even though neither one of us had any desire to run in the whipping wind, we got out and trudged along.  I think we ran a mile- if that!  The air was so, so, so cold and my lungs actually felt a... BURN?!  Very strange. It's been YEARS, as I mentioned, since I've had a burning in my chest from running outside.

So.  Does all this mean I'm a wimp?  This burning nonsense?  Probably.  In the end, I figured there was no need to run four miles in freezing cold temps due to the wind chill; when I could just as easily run for an hour on the treadmill.  This marathon training really requires some dedication at this time of the year.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Absolutely Love this Idea!

I absolutely love this idea!  Read on...

This is from one of the running blogs that I like to check out from time to time: 

Here's the link:  http://themommyminute.blogspot.com/

And here's the plan:                                       "Run 10 for '10

Virtual Group Run

On January 1st, 2010, we need to ring in the new year right! Run either 10K (6.2 miles) or 10 miles any time on New Years' Day and tell me about it in the comments section---who, where, when, etc. You can even divide it up--you can run 5 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon as long as you total a distance of 10 miles or 10K.

Are you in for 10?

Please pass it on! "

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Marathon Training- Week Nine!

I think these new shoes are way too heavy!  I also think they are too big.  Long runs have been miserable by the end, so I'm blaming it all on the shoes (not my lack of sleep).  I did ten miles, or so, on Christmas Eve and by the end I was completely spent.  It seems so silly to blame exhaustion/fatigue on a silly pair of shoes, but I really think I've got a problem here.  Due to all of my injuries, I decided to switch to a mega motion control shoe made by Brooks, which is called the Ariel.  In addition to running in this heavy shoe, I also have the heel cups for the plantar faciitis/heel spur issue.  My shoes feel like weights at this point.  At this point, the logical thing to me is to switch shoes, right?  It's expensive, though, and maybe I need to stop being a wimp and get in better shape?  Any thoughts? 

And, onto the topic at hand- the marathon!  Still have not registered.  Training has been curtailed a bit due to the holidays and the snow.  If I can get myself back on track over the next two weeks, I'm signing up without looking back.  However, if I continue to have things that  creep up, like tax season, then maybe I will postpone my dream/goal until the fall.  For the most part, training is going well, and I'm feeling pretty healthy.  This week's long run calls for 12 miles.  No problem! 

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The coffee was too enticing.

Last week was an abysmal approach to marathon training.  I think I ran twice?  Josh was out of town for a few days, there were meetings after school everyday that he was gone.  So, naturally, by the time he got home I was too tired to even think about getting up at four am to run.  I did run on Thursday, the windiest day of the week, and managed to get in about six miles.  Not bad.  This morning I met my girlfriends for a five am run, and I managed to get in the nine miles that the plan calls for.  All I can say about this week's long is that I did it.

Last night I went to bed around midnight and then got up at four to get ready to meet the girls.  Basically, I had a nap last night, which is pathetic.  So, I struggled through the run as best as I could.  I had every intention of hitting the gym afterwards, to either swim or lift weights, or both!  However, by the time I got to the car I was so cold from sweating and doing a cool-down walk that I just couldn't manage to exercise anymore.  The coffee was way too enticing, and so was a long, hot shower. After putting baby Nicholas down for a morning nap, I hopped into bed myself and slept for two glorious hours.  (I really needed that extra sleep!)

Because of last week's craziness, I've decided to repeat week 6, instead of moving on to week 7.  My reasoning is that week 7 is supposed to be an easy week, which seems silly to go that route since I just HAD an easy week.  This, of course, means that the miles will be higher for the next three weekends.  No big deal, though, the highest that the miles go up to is twelve.  And, as long as I improve my sleeping habits, I should be be okay on those long runs.  I can't believe how much I've missed these long runs.  There's a peace that I feel immediately after the long run and the shower.  My skin isn't even crawling at the sight of the kitchen, yet...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Spinning and Week 6 (?)

I think I'm on week 6 of the training program.  I can't remember!  But, someone DID return my planner so I've still got my workouts written down and planned out.  This week is a "hard" week.  The plan calls for 45 min of running on Mon, 30 min of x training Tues, 40 min running Wed, 45 min running on Thurs, 30 min x training on Fri, and then a long run of 8 miles on Saturday.  Wow.  I feel tired just reading that plan.  (Kidding.  Sorta.)

Since today is a cross training day, I decided to try a spinning class with a girlfriend.  We had an absolute BLAST.  It was tough, I think primarily because of using different muscle groups.  However, I have felt great the rest of the day.  I'm not sore at all and I feel motivated to try it again on Thursday or Friday.  This gym membership is worth every penny.  I've been much more motivated to get to the gym because of the marathon program.  Maybe all this cross training will pay off and I'll make it to Boston one of these days.

I've also decided that come December 25, or thereabouts, I will register for this said marathon.  I'm feeling good, but there is a fear that the dreadful pain will come back full force with all of this exercise.  I sure do hope I'm worrying for nothing.