Wednesday, April 8, 2009

100 Push Up Challenge

Well, I've been doing this 100 push up challenge that I've read about on the "Internets".   And, WOW!  My stomach, or baby gut, is slowly but surely shrinking!  There's some abdominal definition, which makes me very happy.  Oh, and my arms?  They're stronger, too.  It's an easy program and doesn't require too much extra time.  Completing the set usually takes about ten to fifteen minutes because of the extra long breaks I like to take!  I struggled to complete a mere eleven push ups at first, and now I'm doing anywhere from fifteen to twenty push ups per set.  My arms have yet to fall off!  So, that's been helping my running and my psyche.  

Running is a lot of the same.  It's tax time and it's hard to escape for too long on Saturday mornings with the girls.  We only have a week left, so I am hopeful that  I can get in a ten miler (at least) before this next half marathon.  So far this week I've run two mornings with my friend, five miles each time.  Not bad.  We leave for vacation soon, so I'm going to try to run as much as I can between now and that time.  This way the pressure to run will be a tad bit less, though I'm sure I'll be itching to get out there (or, find a  gym, at least!)