Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's a Coping Mechanism

The other morning a girlfriend and I had just started a fourteen mile run together and I was telling her about a friend who was on the starting line for the Arizona marathon at that moment. My friend has been working her tail off to qualify for Boston 2011. I'm completely envious. I'd love to be able to focus on qualifying for Boston at this time in my life. However, my girlfriend is in a completely different place in life. She isn't married, yet and doesn't have any babies, yet. And that, changes everything. Or, does it?

Because of work, beacause of tax season, because of being a mom to two beautiful boys, I just can't give any more to running than what I'm doing right now. (Which, really? Isn't to shabby-- I'm training for a marathon, right?) It's frustrating, though, because I have so many running friends who can BALANCE IT ALL- including a BQ time! Right now, though, running is a coping mechanism for me.

I do feel a sense of accomplishment after each long run; yesterday's run was sixteen miles. But, really? Running is a huge stress reliever. It gives me the opportunity to re-focus my mind and heart on issues that are troubling. It also gives me the opportunity to plan every single second when we walk in the door from a school day without Josh. If I wasn't running, I'd probably be sleeping- and, at this point, that wouldn't help my productivy much at home right now.

All that jibberish aside- marathon training is going GREAT! My friend and I ran sixteen miles together yesterday. The kicker is, I'm not EVEN sore. Not even my feet?! The human body is incredible, isn't it? I am completely in love with this plan, and I think it is really keeping me from feeling too tired and run down. Stay tuned... Hopefully another update coming this week. : )

Saturday, January 9, 2010

one step closer!

Finished another long run in this FREEZING cold weather! It looks like I'm one step closer to registration. (Guess I should check to make sure it's still open, then!) The run went so well today. Our group met for a crazy fast six and a half mile run and then another friend and I slowed things down a little for the remainder of the run. The plan called for six miles, but I decided to do nine because I missed a long run over the holidays. It probably doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but it brings me comfort to know that I didn't go for the easy way out. I truly had no idea how fast we were running or about the mileage, so I figured that I at least needed to run for an hour and a half. And, since I slowed down for the last few miles, I decided to get in an hour and forty minutes. It was heavenly! Truthfully, I don't mind the cold. There's really no alternative in my mind to running in the cold. Sure, we have a treadmill, but I'm not disciplined enough to run nine miles on that machine. There's always the gym, right? But! It's just not the same as watching an amazing sunrise or spending time with my girlfriends.

So! I'm still feeling good! And this goal is really helping me get through these winter months. I'd like to say that I don't care about the marathon time, but that's a lie. I do. Though, I will be pretty estactic to cross that finish line in March. I think I can...It's slowly becoming a reality! Yay!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Still Holding On!

The weather is really brutal today- we have yet another wind advisory. Yuck!  I felt like this morning's run was a breaking point for the marathon training.  If I did it, I am still in the game.  If I bagged it and cut it short, it would be time to hang up the dream of a spring marathon.  Somehow or another, I ran at least twelve miles in this blustery, cold weather.  It was not a fast run, by any stretch.  I did it, though, which was half of the battle.  A girlfriend and I started out together and got in three miles, or so, before we were joined by another friend.  (The key to training for a marathon is accountability, which is where running friends come in VERY handy.) My initial partner peeled off around forty/fifty minutes, and then my other girlfriend and I ran for another hour, or so.  I ran her back to her car and then headed home, but before I could hang up my shoes, I had to get in a few solo miles by myself.  (Another key to marathoning:  If you're running the marathon solo, some of your miles should be solo-- especially the last few of a long run.  It provides preparation for those lonely, tough miles at the end.) 

As soon as I walked in the door, I was BAM!!!! back in Mommy/Wife mode.  Before I could even think about showering, I was whipping up a delicious breakfast for my hungry, half-way grumpy family.  And while I'm a teensy bit tired, (waking up at 4:30 will do that to you) I am experiencing that amazing runner's high that will last until I go to bed this evening.  (Third key to marathon training:  the long distance high!)

Right now I am a teensy bit worried about my heel.  It's hurting!  And these new shoes are not working for me, which is so annoying!  I feel like I'm running with weights on my feet by the end of a run. It's so aggravating to even contemplate the idea of buying a new pair of shoes so soon after Christmas.  I might have to, though.

SO! Provided the marathon doesn't close within the next two weeks, it looks like I'm going to sign up.  My plan is to run nine miles next Saturday and then fourteen the Saturday after that- if both runs go well and I don't have any back/leg issues, I'm in!  I just don't want to lose the money again, so I'm trying to hold off on registration until I am absolutely sure I have the time and energy for marathon number six.