Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Good Start.

Monday I missed my cross training opportunity: a swim with my friend who is training for a triathlon. I didn't get enough sleep the night before...the little guy was up for a LONG time early, early Monday morning.

Today, however, I got a great start for the week ahead. The plan calls for 3-6-3-9. Today I did the three mile run, but I added on a mile and a half because I was feeling so great. (Gotta love those runs!) The run today was a solo run, which was kind of nice. I pushed myself throughout the run, and I felt terriific after finishing.

It's going to be a week without much rest...we're leaving for vacation on Saturday, so I'm going to squeeze in the long run on Friday morning. Nine is totally doable, so I'm not too worried about feeling wiped out for that run.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A New Day.

Today's run was great. Much, much, much more enjoyable than yesterday's run. The humidity was not as bad, and the sun wasn't blazing hot. I hopped up and got my three miles in before seventy-thirty.

Surprisingly, I wasn't sore at all from the run yesterday, which is really great because we were running at a good clip. The only part of me that felt a bit tired were my arms. It's amazing how much your arms help you in a long run.

Tomorrow is going to be a cross training day for me. I am going to meet a friend to swim laps! As a child, I participated on the local swim team for a number of years, but I have gotten out of the habit of swimming laps.

Needless to say, tomorrow is going to be a real treat. Swimming should help my arm strength, which I need right now!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Positive Vibes are FEW.

Today I did the "long run" of the week, which was about twelve miles.

I'd like to say that enjoyed every last scorching stride in this lovely July heat; but I didn't.

My legs felt tired from the get-go, which has me baffled because I haven't done anything out of the ordinary lately. (Except for taking a WEEK off...doubt that's recommended by old Hal.) I also got a later start, eight o'clock; which, is just WAAAAY too late to start a long run in July. Trust me. It's too stinkin hot at that point.

Under normal circumstances, I would have been finishing up around eight or would have been done for an hour or so; but my running buddy needed some extra sleep, so we got a later start. She'd meet me later in a heart beat, too~we're definitely in this together!

I will say that the problem with starting a run late in the morning at this stage in my life, is that by the time I'm done; the two year old is FULL FORCE ready!! to!! play!! and J. is exhausted by that point. If I can get home by eight, sometimes I can shower before the little guy wakes or if he's awake he's just a wee bit slower than at ten o'clock in the morning.

Like I said, the positive vibes are few today. I'm hoping it's because of the heat and not because I'm too out of shape to get myself ready for this race.

We'll see. Tomorrow I'm going to do an easy three.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just for Amy!

(The photo is for my girlfriend, Amy. She thought it would make a great addition to the ole' running blog...And, she's right. Don't you think?)

Well, well, well...

Let's see....Skipped running on Tuesday. Whoops... I'm always so lethargic and lazy upon returning from a vacation!

However, today, is a different story. I ran about six miles with two of my friends. It was a wonderful run, coupled with the fact that the course was very flat. Surprisingly, I felt great. It's been a whole week since my last run, so I was counting on feeling poorly. The temps are low for this time of year, so that helps tremendously.

It looks like I'll be running for the next four days because of skipping the beginning part of the week.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to run three, but I'll probably do four. Friday, three. And, Saturday TWELVE. The miles are starting to creep up...slowly, but surely.

It's a sick thought...but I love the soreness that comes with long runs...the way my toes ache because they're blistered under the nail....I know, it's a sick thought, right?

Most Importantly... I *love* the way that I can eat the day of a long run...I don't hold back when it comes to "refueling"!

I'm totally addicted to this whole marathoning thing.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Been Awhile...

It's been awhile since I've been running!

In fact, I haven't been since last Wednesday...That's awhile, for sure!

Tomorrow, I'm planning on doing a three miler or so...

I have a feeling that my legs are going to feel weak and wobbly....we'll see. Hopefully, I'm wrong.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Did the "long run" today, instead of this weekend. The program I'm using says to do eleven, but really I was shooting for nine this morning.

In my haze of exhaustion, I locked my keys in my car as I stepped out to meet my running friend. Grrr. So, the first part of the run, my mind wandered to thoughts of... what am I going to do? Get Josh to give me a ride? Run home, pick up more keys, and then run back? The plan was to run long today, anyway, right?

Instead of begging Josh for a ride, dragging the babe out of bed, and disrupting the household; I ran home after my friend and I did five and a half or so. If you're thinking you shouldn't leave your house unlocked, please know that I didn't...I locked the wrong keys in the car. My key chain is one of those that separates, so that I can easily carry my car key while running. That was the one that I locked in the car.

Anyway, I ran upstairs, grabbed the keys, and ran back to the starting point. This got me almost three miles, which was fine by me. It wasn't the eleven miles that the program calls for or even the nine that I was shooting for, but it was close enough.

Now it's time for a few days of resting these tired legs of mine.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Keep On, Keepin On...

So far my running plan for the week is working. Yesterday I was able to drag myself out of bed at 4:40am to meet my running group at 5:15 am. We did about six miles or so, at a great pace.

This morning I met a few running friends and we got in five and a half miles or so. The fog was really thick this morning, which always gives me the creeps! My legs are starting to tire because of not taking a day off. Today one of my running partners needed to walk because of a hamstring issue, so that made my legs feels pretty heavy. I have a really hard time switching between walking and running, sometimes. Today was one of those days when walking made my legs feel sore, achy, and heavy. And then when it was time to run again, my legs just refused to go any farther!

Tomorrow I want to get in my long run, eleven miles. I'd be content with nine, though.

Then I can take things easy on our trip! And, just maybe sleep in until seven am???

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Right on Track.

Training is going well, I'm happy to report.

Last Thursday I did a solid five.

Saturday I did seven, which was a mile over what the training program calls for...

And, today, I did five and a half or so. Today was supposed to be a cross training day, but I couldn't resist running with one of my very favorite running buddies.

This week the program calls for three, six, three, and then eleven over the weekend.

We're going out of town, though, so I'm trying to bank some miles before we leave. Banking miles, or running back to back to back, probably is not suggested; but sometimes you've got to deviate from the plan. So, I figure today counts for one of the runs for this coming week.

I'm going to try to run for the next three days straight, with one of those runs being the long one. (Yuck.) This way, I can enjoy our trip and try to fit in a three miler on our vacation. We'll see if my body agrees to that plan. It'll appreciate the break on Thursday, I'm sure!

I'm feeling great and I am really enjoying the program. Hal Higdon really knows his stuff! : )

Friday, July 13, 2007

A Dirt Road.

I've been a runner, almost, my whole life. In sixth grade, I ran a decent mile. From what I remember my time was 7:49. My PE teacher suggested that I run on the cross country team. I went home, baffled. "What in the world is cross country, Mom and Dad?," I asked. They got excited, and told me that I should RUN! as a seventh grader. You see, my parent's, have four children. And, the more exhausted they could make us through exercise, the easier it was to get us to bed at night. (Right, Mom? Right, Dad?)

One of my very favorite runs in middle school was from the high school to a street in town. In order to get from point A to point B, we followed a dirt road through an apple orchard. How I loved that run! It felt so *far* and it reminded me of my Grandparent's and the orchards that my grandfather managed. Did I mention that I loved how *FAR* that run was??? (Four miles.)

Now? That trail is almost gone, except for a small loop. There aren't any apple trees, either. And the really sad part, you ask? A housing development now rests in the hills of that orchard. And, we live in that neighborhood.

Before any other houses go up, which will hopefully be awhile, I need to get out and photograph that trail.

Yesterday's run was heavenly. The morning light was breathtaking and the air had a crispness to it, which is rare for July. After the run, I found my in laws walking towards this dirt road. Naturally, I ran as fast as I could so that I could join them. This was the first time I had been on that trail since high school.

It's been a great running week. The program calls for 3 miles, 5miles, 3 miles, and then the long run, six. Not bad, for marathon training, right?? Many people have the idea that you start out with the super long runs from the get-go, with marathon training. Thank heavens, that is just not so! The mileage does jump up next week, but I'm ready!

Update on the long one coming... tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Just read this am that doing "flapjacks " counts as part of the cross training for many marathon programs. The current issue of Runner's World has a great little section about various marathon training programs.

The great news about "flapjacks" is that I already do them; I just didn't know that they're called"flapjacks"! Before bed, as Josh is primping, I get in about four sets of crunches and four sets of push-ups. These are, flapjacks! Get it--you flip back and forth, just like a flapjack. Ah Ha.

I've tried to tell my former students that this is an easy way to fit in exercise at night...while you're watching your favorite TV show or movie, lay down and crunch those abs! You don't need any equipment, or a fancy exercise outfit...It's a quick and easy way to strength train. They say, that's hard to do when you're playing a video game. : (

And....If you're lucky, like me, maybe someone will taunt you with the Rocky theme song while you're doing your flapjacks. That always seems to tickle Josh.

Monday, July 9, 2007

My Dream...

...is to watch Roger Federer win a championship in person one day. My all time favorite sporting event to watch on TV is Wimbledon. I have been begging Josh for a few years now to go to Wimbledon with me. Although, I might settle for the US Open as a starter.

Watching professional athletes, like Federer and Nadal, motivates me and inspires me.

This morning, on my lovely three mile run, I thought about Federer and how phenomenal it is that he has won Wimbledon five years straight! That just amazes me. The drive to win, and the focus that it takes to accomplish such a victory; for five years in a row is an inspiration. And, to be so humble after such an incredible victory...(I am aware that he just might have another side, but he certainly is classy in interviews, okay?!)

And, since this is a running blog...

I haven't felt this good on a run in a long, long, long time! According to the Hal Higdon plan that I'm using, I only need to do three today, five tomorrow, and then three later in the week. Once I got started this morning, I just wanted to keep going; I felt strong and relaxed. Runs like that are an inspiration. Runs like that make you think that maybe Boston isn't out of the question...

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sporting a Skirt...

Running skirts are all the rage these days, among women runners. I've thought about trying out one of these running skirts, but I must admit that I'm pretty frugal. Some skirts are in the $50-$60 range. That's waaaay too much, especially if there's a risk of chafing. Youch! They are pretty cute, however. Maybe the chafing is worth it?

One of the biggest pieces of advice that I received before my first marathon experience, was to NEVER try anything *new* the day of the race. No new shoes, no new socks, no shirts, no shorts, no jog bras; on the day of the marathon. The main reason for this, is that many problems can crop up expectedly during the race. Problems like monster blisters, just ask Novak Djokovic about blisters. (He retired halfway through his match agaist Nadal yesterday.)

All this ranting and rambling is getting to a point, here. It's time purchase a cute, little running skirt for marathon day. If I'm going to wear one on race day, I need to wear my skirt on long runs! Choosing a color is going to be tough. Should I get one that matches my shoes? Or, do I go for basic black?

The nine miles went well yesterday. We beat the heat by getting out before the sun came up. My legs aren't sore at all, but I do feel a bit tired. That's probably Michael related, not running related tiredness.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Summer Sun

Got out a bit later than I was hoping for this am, and paid for it, somewhat. It's a treat to take my time in the morning and leisurely get ready for a run, but this also means it's usually a good degree, or two, or three warmer than if I began an hour earlier.
I did manage to get in a little over three, and I felt great throughout the run.

Tomorrow I'm jumping up to nine miles, but the pace will be easier to manage and I'll be with a big group of friends~~ that ALWAYS helps. : ) Next week's plan is similar to this week, but then the miles start to creep up from next week on.

The beginning of a marathon program is just like the first big hill of a roller coaster...click, click, click...And then, you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into!

I love it.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


My favorite ways to find peace:

1. Going to church.

2. Sitting or walking on the beach.

3. And, the most frequent of all, running in the morning. The earlier, the better.

The plan called for five today. Instead of trying to map out a five miler on one of those running web sites, I ran for a little over 50 minutes.

Overall, I am starting to feel better. My hurdle today was the humidity. Uggh. The air is starting to get thick and heavy, thankfully it wasn't extremely hot.

I enjoyed the run, though. Tomorrow I'm supposed to do three and then sometime this weekend, nine.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Racing Debut.

This morning I helped a couple of my girlfriends who direct a 4th of July 5k. Along with the 5k, there is also a 100 yard dash and a mile run. And, guess what?

The age limit for the 100 yd dash is 2-5 years of age. I got so excited when I thought about our little guy running in a race. Josh says it's better that he missed it this year because next year he'll be able to beat a few kids. ; ). No pressure, Michael. : )

It was a very cute race to watch this morning, and there were a few two year olds participating!

Next year...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

No pain, no gain.

Day Two.

Today was day two of marathon training, a short three mile run. That sounds do-able right?

Well. It is. And, it should be since this isn't my first marathon. But, I took off two weeks--the last week of school (stress and exhaustion got me...) and the week we were in Texas (the chips and salsa got me there...).

So, I'm struggling through each and every run. The past three runs have been tough, to say the least. My legs feel heavy, I've gotten side stitches, and I just feel WEAK. No wonder so many people don't like to run! If it felt like this all of the time, I'd question my sanity.

It just takes time, though. One day soon I'll get out there and a three miler will be a piece of cake.

Let's hope so, anyway! ; )