Saturday, September 12, 2009

Injured Reserves

It's been almost three weeks, which feels like an eternity right now. Three weeks since I have slipped away from my family to meet my friends for an early morning retreat. Three weeks since I have laced up my shoes and pounded the pavement. Three weeks since I have felt well enough to even think about running, or being able to tie my shoes without crying. Three weeks since I have deferred for my sixth marathon.

I never thought that I would have to defer a marathon due to an injury. Never. In 2005, I deferred an entrance to the New York City marathon because we were expecting our first child. What a fantastic reason to defer the NYC marathon, right??? I certainly think so. I have so many friends who have had to defer marathons and step away from running for a bit. I wish that I would have been more supportive of those friends. I wish I would have called them more, just to check in. Because it's a cruddy feeling to defer, to give in before you've even started.

I had to, though. I couldn't tie my shoes. I could hardly put my running shorts on in the morning without being brought to tears. My body was messed up, to say the least. So, three weeks later of doing hardly anything, I'm better. I can tie my shoes and get dressed and roll over in bed without crying. That's good news. I have a slight hamstring twinge that scares me a bit, it's a reminder that the injury is not gone.

Nonetheless, I think I might *try* to run two miles tomorrow. Slowly. Because it's been three weeks and I miss running so much. ♥